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THEART is compose of deferent divisions, each obliged to share knowledge and creativeness through an integrated manufacturing-design-construction process that supports our customer’s needs and expectations. This dynamic work flow ensures that new insights and ideas are shared throughout the board, make great value for all customers.


THEART Wood & Metal Industries specializes in the manufacturing, design and fitting out of interiors for the retail, hospitality and commercial sector using the highest quality products of steel, metals, veneers, wood, laminates, aluminum, glass and acrylics.

We have the knowledge, assets and passion to accept a wide variety of works by providing a seamless and swift inner fit-out service.

The lot we make is fabricated in our own workshops and fitted by our own manpower teams insuring tight control over quality standards and delivery schedules.

The value of the finished product is however only part of the service. We continually strive to meet our customer’s needs through a positive approach and a teamwork attitude.


Fit-out and Refurbishment is main parts of THEART work. With an international and local client base in place of numerous industry sectors we have widespread experience in every aspect of fit out like but not limited to:

The THEART team carries a friendly, stress-free approach to the whole process, coupled with the highest degree of professionalism while working with the leading names in retail and commercial industries demonstrating our experience across all levels of project size, value and technical complexity. The scale of our projects range from the modified fit out of an entire building to providing the best finishing touches to a single room.
We are able to complete works in fully operational environments, customer-occupied spaces during and out of business hours.
We believe that the best way to run a successful project is by having the least number of people involved. By this, we mean that if a client only has to coordinate with a party for the Design as well as the Build, then there is less chance of misunderstandings, misrepresentations and missed deadlines. Because THEART has its own design and construction capabilities, we are able to carry out many parts of the process all at the same time.
Being one team, we can communicate and overlap tasks smoothly, meaning we can fast track your project to deliver it faster and cheaper. And because we use our own people, we can take responsibility for every part of the project.


THEART manufactures and designs a wide variety of superior signage and display systems to many sectors including retail, hospitality and commercial through our experienced and well trained staff utilizing modern techniques with the newest and best fabricating equipment. Pride and craftsmanship are evident through every step of the production process.

We provide our customers with a important range of products and services: LED, Fiber Optic, Light Neon, Boxes, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PVC, Flex, Glass, Menu Boards, Metal, etc.

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